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Magdalene College - Pepys
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An Antidote of Rare
No rarer thing that you can find,
To Cure a Discontented mind;
A contented mind it is most rare,
If you serve the Lord and stand in fear:
And let no want nor poverty,
Disquiet your mind, I tell to ye;
For God hath all things still in store,
If you have Content you need no more.
The Tune is, No love like a contented mind: Or, Phancies Phenix.
This may be Printed, June 5. 1685. R.L.S. Entred according to Order.

INdeed this world is so unjust,
Men cannot one another trust;
Some are so troubled in their mind,
One scarcely now a friend can find:
There is such wavering every way,
Makes many a Man stand at a stay:
A contented mind it is most rare,
If we serve the Lord and stand in fear.

If a man be poor and have but small,
If he be content it's the best of all;
There's some has thousands at command;
That's not contented I understand;
They pinch and spare to make it more,
And grind the faces of the poor:
A contented mind, etc.

If sickness comes count that no loss,
But be content then with thy Cross;
If it be Gods will it must be so
It's a blessing, pray you say not no:
And remember Job in all his ways,
He evermore gave God the praise:
A contented mind, etc.

If you be cast in Prison never fear.
Let not your heart and mind dispair,
But be content and hope the best,
When God is pleas'd you shall be releas'd:
That man that serves the God of might.
If Man do wrong him, God will do him right
A contented mind it is most rare,
If we serve the Lord and stand in fear.

If a man have a charge of Children small,
And has but little to maintain them withal,
Let his Prayers be still unto the Lord,
Then relief for them he will afford;
And never murmur at your want,
Although sometimes that things be scant:
A contented mind, etc.

Content is a pleasant thing therefore,
And especially for the Poor;
If a man be brought into distress,
It will relieve him in his heaviness,
And make him understand and see,
What our good God can do for thee and me,
A contented mind, etc.

What ever troubles comes or goes,
Let's serve the Lord, and give him praise;
And keep our hearts both clear and sound,
That no evil may our conscience wound:
And love all men both Rich and Poor,
And be content for evermore:
A contented mind, etc.

If Maids and young-men be cross'd in love
And neither party be unkind,
Let them put their trust in God above,
And he will ease their troubled mind:

And never pine at it I do say,
Many has brought themselves unto decay:
A contented mind, etc.

Content's the best thing we can find,
If any trouble do vex your mind,
It will preserve us from all evil,
And expell the Poyson of the Devil;
For if our hearts be whole and sound,
No evil thing can there abound:
A contented mind, etc.

The man that lives without content,
And hath his heart now on Riches bent,
Ne'r has enough, he'd still have more,
His wicked mind runs on his store;
But the poor man that enjoys content,
Is in a better way when his life is spent:
A contented mind, etc.

Content will Cure a wounded heart,
Content will never let it smart,
Content it is a precious store,
And he that hath it need no more;
It's a remedy for Rich Poor,
And a Plaister for every wounded Sore;
Content it is so rare a thing,
Great comfort to you it will bring.

Printed for J. Deacon, at the Angel in Guilspur-street, with Newgate.

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