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EBBA 20651

Magdalene College - Pepys
Ballad XSLT Template
An Excellent Ballad of the Birth and Passion of our
Saviour Christ. Tune is, Dulcina.

JUry came to Jerusalem,
(all the world was taxed then)
Blessed Mary brought to Bethelem,
more then all the world agen:
A Gift so blest,
So good, the best
That e're was seen, was heard, or done;
A King, a Christ,
Prophet and Priest,
A Jesus, God, a Man, a Son.

Happy night, a day was never
half so happy, sweet, and fair,
Singing Souldiers blessed ever,
fill'd the sky with sweetest ayr:
Amaz'd men fear,
They see, they hear,
Yet doubt and ask how this was done;
'Twas bid behold,
It was foretold,
This night hath God himself a Son.

There appears a Golden Usher,
Kings attending on his Train;
The bright Sun could not out-blush her,
such a Star ne'r shone again:
See now it stays,
Seeming it says,
Go in and see what there is done,
a Child whose birth,
joy's Heaven and Earth,
Jesus to us, to God a Son.

Subtil Herod sought to find him,
with a purpose black as Hell,
But a greater power confin'd him,
and his purpose did repel:
who should betray,
do all obey,
And fitting it was it should be done:
they all adore,
and kneel before
This God and Man, to Man a Son.

'Twas upon a Comets blazing,
Cuma to Augustus said,
This foreshews an act amazing,
for a Mother still a Maid:
a Babe must bear,
that all must fear,
And suddenly it must be done:
nay, Caesar thou
to him must bow,
He's God, a Man, to God a Son.

Is not this a blessed wonder,
God is Man, and Man is God,
Foolish Jewes mistook the thunder,
should proclaim this King abroad:
Angels they sing,
behold the King,
In Bethelem where this was done,
then we as they,
rejoyce and say,
We have a Saviour, God a Son.

TUrn your eyes that are affixed
of this worlds deceiving things,
And with joys and sorrows mixed,
look upon the King of Kings:
who left his Throne,
with joys unknown,
Took flesh like ours, like us drew breath,
for us to dye,
here fix your eye,
And think upon his precious Death.

See him in the Garden praying,
whilst his sad Disciples sleep,
See him in the Garden sweating
drops of blood, and how he weep'd:
as Man he was,
he wept, alas,
And trembling fear to lose his breath,
yet to Heavens will,
he yielded still,
Then think upon his precious Death.

See him by the Souldiers taken,
when with Ave and a Kiss,
He that Heaven had quite-forsaken,
had betray'd him, and with this,
behold him bound,
and guarded round,
To Caiphas bourn to lose his breath,
there see the Jews,
Heavens King abuse,
Then think upon his precious Death.

See him in the Hands of Pilate,
like a base offender stript,
See the moan and tears they smile at,
while they see our Saviour whip'd:
behold him bleed,
his purple weed,
Record while you have life and breath,
his taunts and scorns,
his Crowns of throns,
O think upon his precious Death.

See him in the hour of parting,
hanging on the bloody Cross,
See his wounds, conceive his smarting,
and our gain by his lifes loss:
on either side,
a Fellon dy'd,
The one derides him leaving breath,
the other prays,
and humbly says,
O save me by thy precious Death.

See how in these pangs he thirsted,
and that heat to cold did call,
Now these Jews (like Judas) cursed,
bring him Vinegar and Gall:
his Spirit then,
to Heaven agen,
Commended with his latest breath,
the world he leaves,
that Men deceives,
O think upon his precious Death.

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