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EBBA 20208

Magdalene College - Pepys
Ballad XSLT Template
Round boyes indeed.
The Shoomakers Holy-day.
Being a very pleasant new Ditty,
To fit both Country, Towne and Citie,
Delightfull to peruse in every degree,
Come gallant Gentlemen, hansell from you let me see,
To a pleasant new Tune:

HEre we are good fellowes all,
round Boyes round:
Attendance give when we doe call,
round boyes indeed.
Since we are here good fellowes all,
drinke we must and worke we shall.
And worke we will what ere befall,
for money to serve our need.

We get our livings by our hands,
round boyes round
Then fill us beare at our commands,
round boyes indeed,
Our livings we get by our hands,
as plainly you may understand,
Whilst many gallants sell their land,
for money to serve their need.

We set our stitches just and straight,
round boyes round,
And doe our worke without deceite,
round boyes indeed,
Tho Munday Sundayes fellow be,
when tuesday comes to work fall we
And fall to worke most merrily,
for money to serve our need.

The titles which our trade adorne,
round boyes round,
Shoemakers sonnes were princes borne,
round boyes indeed,

For kind S. Hughe and Crispins sake,
a merry day we meane to make,
And after to our tooles betake,
for money to serve our need.

And if our Master angry seeme,
round boyes round,
We little doe of that esteeme,
round boyes indeed,
S. Hughs bones up we take in hast,
both pinsers, punching alle and last,
The gentle Craft was never disgrast,
they have money to serve their need.

If we want cash over night,
round boyes round,
We shall not long be in that plight,
round boyes indeed,
Next day ere morne God will us send,
if wee to worke our humour bend,
And merry make each friend with friend
with money to serve our need.

We scorne such cheating knaves and queanes
round boyes round,
Which doe not live by honest meanes,
round boyes indeed,
When theves & whores to tyburne pack
wele drink strong beere good ale and sack,
The gentle Craft did never lacke,
for money to serve their need.

The second part. To the same tune.

O Fie upon the cursed crew,
round boyes round,
We doe defie the cursed crew,
round boyes indeed,
The gallowes take that wicked crue,
that will not keepe them just and true,
And pay to every man his due,
and have money to serve their need.

The shirking rooke and base decoy,
round boyes round,
Our company shall not injoy,
round boyes indeed,
But with those men of good report,
that lead their lives in honest sort,
A Jugg or two will make us sport,
we have money to serve our need.

The smith, the weaver, and the tayler,
round boyes round,
The feriman and the joviall sayler,
round boyes indeed,
The mariner and souldier bold,
are in the booke of fame inrold:
That ventured have their lives for gold
and money to serve their need.

The carpenter we daily see,
round boyes round,
The mason and bricklayers be,
round boyes indeed,
he Costerdmonger will not shrinke,
The is noe niggard of his chincke,
But with boone blades will sit & drinke,
when he of it hath need.

The maltman and the baker stout,
round boyes round,
Will with the brewer have aboute,
round boyes indeed,

The tapster may not loose his share,
though barly broth be nere so deare,
Hele give his friend a jugg of beare
if that he stand in need.

The butcher if he be a drie,
round boyes round,
Hele keepe good fellowes company,
round boyes indeed,
The tanner when he comes to towne,
weighs not the spending of a crowne,
Amongst his chapmen up and downe,
he hath money to serve his need.

All those good fellowes which are na'md
round boyes round,
Within this song I here have fra'md,
are round boyes indeed,
The gentle Craft doth beare good will,
to all kind hearted tradesmen still,
That keepe the proverbe to fullfill,
a penny to serve their need.

Now to conclude my harmlesse dittie,
round boyes round,
I wish both countrie towne and Citie,
round boyes indeed,
That every man and woman kind,
a faithfull friend may ever finde
So here my friends you know my mind,
keepe money to serve your need.

I trust none of this company,
round boyes, round
Will with this song offended bee,
round boyes indeed,
therefore let some kind Creature heare
give hansell for to buy me beere,
To make my throat more shrill & cleere
you sae I have great need.

Printed at London for I.Wright.

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