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EBBA 20179

Magdalene College - Pepys
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A Proverbe old, yet nere forgot,
Tis good to strike while the Irons hott.
Counsell to all Young men that are poore,
To Marry with Widowes now while there is store.
To the Tune of, Dulcina.

ALL you Young-men who would Marry,
and enjoy your hearts content,
In your mindes this Counsell carry,
then you shall no whitt repent:
now is the time
that Men may clime
Unto promotion by good lot,
this Proverbe old
hath oft bene told,
Tis good to strike while the Iron's hott.

Wealthy Widowes now are plenty,
where you come in any place,
For one Man thers Women twenty,
this time lasts but for a space:
She will be wrought,
though it be for nought,
But wealth which their first Husband got,
let Young-men poore
make hast therefore,
Tis good to strike while the Irons hott,

Now is the Wooing time or never,
Widowes now will love Young-men,
Death them from their Mates did sever,
now they long to match agen,
they will not stand
for House or Land,
Although thou be'st not worth a groat,
set foorth thy selfe,
thou shalt have Pelfe,
If thou wilt strike while the Irons hott.

Doe not dote on Maydens features,
Widowes are the only ware,
It is many Young-mens natures
to love Maydens young and fayre,
tis Cupids wile
thus to beguile
Young Lovers, therefore trust him not,
get one with Gold,
though nere so old,
Tis good to strike while the Irons hott.

Lads and Lasses often marry,
ritch in nothing but in Love,
Want of meanes will make them vary,
as we often times doe proove,
how ere they fare,
they must take care
To kepe their Children when they are got;
of this take hede,
and learne with speed
To strike the Iron while tis hott.

Let not such a time oreslip thee,
rayse thy fortunes while thou mayst,
Maydens can but coll and clip thee,
so will Widowes when they tast
a Young mans love,
most kind theyle proove.
The youngest best that can be got,
sith this is so,
then be not slow,
But strike the Iron while tis hott.

The second Part, To the same Tune.

ALL waies take this for a maxime,
that old Widowes love young men,
Oh then doe not spare for asking,
though she's old, shele toot agen:
she scornes to take
for Ritches sake.
Thy Money she regardeth not,
with love her winne,
together joyne,
And strike the Iron while tis hott.

Some perhaps may make objection
that Old-women jelous are,
Let not that change thy affection,
though they be doe thou not care
if thou be true,
and give her due,
Shele nere mistrust thee feare it not,
shele love thee deere,
then doe not feare,
But strike the Iron while tis hott.

Maydens loves are coy and fickle,
they too much their equalls looke,
If of wealth thou hast but little,
fye away your are mistooke,
replyeth she,
come not to me:
Then art thou daunted soone God wot,
then woe an old,
feare not, be bold,
And strike the Iron while tis hott.

And besides thers many Lasses,
dares not marry when they list,
Cause her Portion ere she passes
must come from her Fathers fist:
but still you see
a Widowes free,
For friend or foe she careth not,

then who would misse
such time as this,
Tis good to strike while the Irons hott.

Many Matches have bene broken,
though both Parties were content,
When the Maides good-will is gotten,
then her Friends will not consent
would it not vexe
a Man, to fixe
His mind on whats an others lot?
then he thats poore
to mend his store,
Must strike the Iron while tis hott.

If a poore Young-man be matched
with a Widdow stord with gold,
And thereby be much inritched,
though hes young and she is old,
twill be no shame
unto his Name,
If he have what his Friends have not,
but every Friend
will him commend
For striking the Iron while twas hott.

Young-men all who hreae this Ditty,
in your memories kepe it well,
Chiefely you in London City,
where so many Widowes dwe[ll]
the Season now
doth well alow
Your practise, therefore loose it not,
fall toot apace,
while you have space,
And strike the Iron while tis hott.

FINIS. Martin Parker.
Printed at London for Francis Grove, and are
to be sold at his Shop on Snow-Hill.

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