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EBBA 20105

Magdalene College - Pepys
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A Batchelers Resolution.
Have among you now, Widowes or Maydes,
For I come a woing as Fancie perswades.
I must have a Wife, be she Older or Younger,
For I cannot, nor will not lye alone any longer.
To the tune of, The Blazing Torch.

A Batchelour I have beene long,
and had no minde to marry,
But now I finde it did me wrong
that [I] so long did tarry,
Therefore I will a wooing ride,
there's many married younger,
Where shall I goe to se[e]ke a Bride?
Ile lye alone no longer.

So many sinnes are incident
unto a single life,
That I all danger to prevent
with speede will seeke a Wife:
If I with Women chance to drinke
I'me call'd a Mutton-monger,
But now Ile stop their mouthes I thinke
And lye alone no longer.

O Fate send me a handsome Lasse
that I can fancy well,
For Portion Ile not greatly passe,
though Money heares the bell.
Love now adayes with Gold is bought
but I'me no Money-monger.
Give mee a Wife, though shee's worth nought
Ile lye alone no longer.

Yet if she chance to proove a Slut,
a Scold, or else a Whore,
That could not chuse but be a cut,
and v[e]xe me very sore,
A Slut would make me loath my meate
were I halfe dead with hunger,
But I must leave this fond conceate,
And lye alone no longer.

What if she should a Wanton be,
and make my forehead ake?
Oh that would be a griefe to me,
such wrongs few men will take,
For jealousie is of such force,
no passion can be stronger,
But be she better, be she worse,
Ile lye alone no longer.

If jealous she shall be of me,
that were as great a spight,
Then should we seldome quiet be,
but quarrell day and night,
She'd thinke my love from her did range
though I nere meant to wrong her,
Yet this shall not my humour change,
Ile lye alone no longer.

What shall I doe to chuse a wife
in every thing compleate?
Should I in searching spend my life,
t'would proove a taske to great,
No Man can finde a Woman so,
the older nor the younger,
Ile take my chance as others doe,
And lye alone no longer.

Yet will I chuse the best I can,
Jove send me luck in chusing,
And crave the counsell of some man
whose counsels worth the using:
If she proove good I shall be glad,
and vow Ile never wrong her,
Yet am resolved good or bad
To lye alone no longer.

The second Part. To the same tune.

ILe be contented with my lot,
how ever it befall,
Yet if she proove a drunken sot,
'twill grieve me worst of all,
Then I my selfe must drinke small-beere,
and she must drinke the stronger,
Though't cost me twenty pounds a yeare,
Ile lye alone no longer.

This is the onely time I know,
for Young-men to get Wives,
They say that Maides and Widowes now
fo[r] Husbands daily strives,
Th[eref]ore I shall be quickly sped,
si[t]h both for Husbands hunger,
With any man theyle quickly wed,
Theyle lye alone no longer.

Be shee a widdow or a Bawde,
I doe not greatly passe,
A withered Crone whose blo[o]d's decayde,
or a young lively Lasse:
One that is rich, or one that's poore,
a feeble, or a stronger:
An honest woman, or a whore,
Ile lye alone no longer.

But yet if I my choice may have
a Mayde [s]hould b[e] my wife,
I would not be a Widowes slave,
Ide rather loose my life:
If I should wed a Widow old,
I had better take a younger,
For Widowes will not be contrould,
Yet I can stay no longer.

If she should have a stinking breath
I never should abide her,
For that to me is worse then death,
I had rather touch a Spider:
But that's a fault may soone be smelt,
sir Ajax smels no stronger:
[B]efore Ile take one with such fault,
Ile lye alone yet longer.

If shee chance to proove a Scould,
her tongue will breede my strife,
Then I must looke to be contrould,
and curbed by me Wife:
A Scould of women is the worst,
shele force a man to wrong her:
Therefore Ile try all humors first,
And lye alone no longer.

Some men perhaps may wonder, why
my minde runnes so on Marriage,
To him that askes me, I reply,
'tis for my honest carriage:
For live a young man nere so chaste,
he's counted a Whoremonger:
Therefore Ile get a Wife in haste,
And lye alone no longer.

Although my Wife be none oth best,
yet I must be content:
I shall as well speede as the rest,
which 'bout this action went:
I am not first that matched ill,
therefore it is no wonder:
Ile keepe my resolution still,
And lye alone no longer.

I trust I shall with one be sped,
that doth deserve my love:
If I with such a Woman wed,
I sweare by mighty Jove,
That ere she any thing should [?]
Ile suffer colde and hunger:
Though she had scant cloathes
Ide lye alone no longer.

You that my resolution hear
judge whether I deserve
To have a Wife that love[?]
and would my will obser[ve]
Were she a Widdow or a [?]
an Elder, or a Younger[?]
My Wedding should not be [?]
[Ile lye alone] no long[er.]

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