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EBBA 20089

Magdalene College - Pepys
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[Dice, wine and women.]
The unfortunate Gallant gull'd at London.
To the tune of Shall I wrastle in despaire.

F Rom Cornwal mount to London faire,
to trie all fashions did I repaire,
Soone came I to a Cornish Chuffe,
Left by my father rich enough,
Yet riches could not me content,
Untill at London all was spent.
The causes why I am so poore,
Are Dice, Strong-waters, and a whore.

First did I come to Charing-crosse,
Where was such smoking none could passe,
Brave Gallants there my sight opposes,
Fum'd hospitalitie from their noses:
To trie those fashions that were there,
Five angels cost that day was deere.
The causes, etc.

From thence unto the new Exchange
My purse and I did freely range,
Whereas a new beginner sold
Strong waters new, and Tobacco old:
With him at Doublets did I play,
Till five more Angels flew away.
The causes, etc.

Then thinking London for to see,
within the Strand I chanc't to spie
Two lovely lasses faire and bright,
whom I do guesse were painted white:
These did I court, and they gave leave,
But they at last did me deceive.
The causes, etc.

At Temple-barre I chanc't to spie
Brave guilded glasses that pleasd mine eye,
What t'was, I askt the next I did meet,

Who told me it was strong waters sweet
All the varietie did I taste:
That day I full five pound did waste.
The causes, etc.

Form thence next day to Fleet-street brave,
where I espied many a knave:
One among the rest I spied than,
who swore he was my country man:
With him to Taverne did I goe:
But dice & cards there wrought my woe.
The causes, etc.

Then the old Baily did I trace,
where I did meet full face to face
A Cheater pleading povertie,
who askt, if a gold ring I would buy:
Five silver tagges, which I poore asse,
Bought that for good which prov'd but brasse.
The causes, etc.

Then thinking for to see a play.
I met a Pander by the way:
Who thinking I had money store,
Brought me to Turnboll to a whore:
Ere from that house I rid could be,
It cost ten pound my setting free.
The causes, etc.

Most of my money being spent,
To S. Johns street to the Bull I went,
Where I the roaring Rimer saw,
And to my face was made a daw:
And pressing forth among the folke,
I lost my purse, my hat and cloke.
The causes, etc.

The Second Part.

T Hen into Smithfield did I hie,
where I Strong-waters did espie:
From that same shop I could not part:
For I loved strong waters with my hart:
Going to pay, my purse was gone,
For which groat shot my shirt's in pawn.
The causes, etc.

Then to Long-lane I went poore man,
And so from thence to Barbican:
Money was spent, and my credit scant,
And no-body there would releeve my want,
Then did I trace to Whitecrosse street,
wondred at by all I meet.
The causes, etc.

Wandring along this lucklesse day,
In a noted house by chance I lay:
Where as a wench both faire and fine,
Lov'd me in hope I had store of coine:
But when she perceiv'd me poore,
She stript, and beat me out of doore.
The causes, etc.

Thus all along in piteous plight
walkt I along till twelve at night:
Each one did barre their churlish doore,
None would regard me being poore:
The watch being set, and I in sight,
was sent to new Bridewell that night.
The causes, etc.

There was I set to worke full hard:
From meae and drinke & pleasure hard:
I could have no strong-waters there:
Nor scarce a draught of good small beere,
I wrought at mill by my fatall sisters,
Till both my hands were ful of blisters.
The causes, etc.

There lay I long in griefe and woe,
For by no meanes I thence could goe:
No friend would speake in this my plight,
Till I was there a full fortnight:
At length a friend I chanc't to see,
who wrought the meanes to set me free.
The causes, etc.

Now to my countrey doe I hie:
London and fashions I defie:
Farewell damd dice, & strong waters cleere:
Farewell all punkes and double beere:
I am for Cornwall freely bound:
For London doth my state confound:
There by these three I was made poore:
The Dice, Strong waters, and a whore.

Printed for T. L.

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