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Magdalene College - Pepys
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A comfortable new Ballad of a Dreame of a Sinner, being very sore
troubled with the assaults of Sathan . To the tune of Rogero.

I n slumbring sleepe I lay
all night alone in bed,
A vision very strange
there come into my head,

Me thought the day of doome
undoubtedly was come,
And Christ himselfe was there
to judge both all and some.

My selfe was sent for there
with sound of Trumpet shrill,
Which said, All soules come heare
your sentence good or ill.

I sate in minde amaz'd,
at that same sudden voyce,
For in mine owne good life
no whit I could rejoyce.

With panting brest I paus'd
at that same sudden sight,
Not trusting to my selfe,
but to Christs mercies great.

I was no sooner meane,
but Sathan came, me thought,
With him a role full large
of all my life he brought.

And laid before the Lord
how that I was his owne,
And would have had me then,
my sinnes so great were growne.

I quaking lay with feare,
and wist not what to doe,

But in the blood of Christ
I trusted still unto.

Then said our Saviour Christ,
foule Sathan end thy strife,
Looke if the sinners name
be in the booke of life.

If he be entred there,
then must he needes be blest,
His sinnes be washt away,
his soule with me shall rest.

Then Sathan tooke the booke,
did leafe by leafe unfold,
And there he found my name
in letters limb'd with gold.

Then Sathan sorrowed much
at that same sudden sight.
And said unto the Lord,
thy Judgements are not right.

And thus our Saviour sweet
said to him by and by,
Thou, Sathan, know'st full well
that I for sinne did dye.

Redeeming all the world,
once overthrowne by thee,
And so will save all such
as truly trust in mee.

My mortall foe was wroth,
that he had lost his prey,
Extreamely vexed was,
and vanisht quite away.

But I that thus was bill'd
within that blessed booke,
Out of my slumbring sleepe
so joyfully awoke.

Still praying to the Lord,
that alwayes sinners may
From Sathan be set free,
at the last dreadfull day.

That after earthly toyles,
we may heaven joyes a[ttain]e,
Here learne to live to [dye]
that we may live [a]gaine.

Our noble royall King,
God grant him long to raigne,
To live in joy and peace,
the Gospell to maintaine.

London Printed for E. Wright. FINIS.

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