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Magdalene College - Pepys
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A Lovers newest Curranto, or the Lamentation of a young mans folly.
To a pleasant new tune.

AS it fell upon a day,
in the merry moneth of may:
Sitting in a pleasant shade,
with a gowne of mertle made?
Beasts did leape and birds did sing,
trees they grow and plants they spring,

Every bird sings bannish mone,
save the Nightingale alone:
She poore bird as all forlorne
leanes her breast unto a thorne:
Where she sung this mournefull ditty,
that to heere it twas great pitty:

Fie, fie, fie, now can she cry.
to-ra-ra-ra-ra-ro-by and by:
For to heare her thus complaine.
scarse from teares I could refraine,
For her griefe so lively showne,
makes me thinke upon my owne.

O thought I thou monest in vaine,
none takes pitty of thy paine:
Senselesse trees they cannot heere thee:
retchles birds they will not cheere thee,
King anoy he is dead,
and all thy friends are clad in lead,

All thy fellow birds do sing,
carelesse of thy sorrowing:
While that fickle fortune smiled,
thou and I were both beguiled:
Every one that flatters thee,
is no friend in misery,

When that I was prodigall,
bountifull they did me call:
And with such flattering,
pitty but I were a King,
But when fortune chanced to frowne,
then farewell thy high renowne,

He is thy friend and friend in deed,
that stickes to thee in time of need,
When thou sorrowest he will weepe:
when thou wakest he will not sleepe,
Thus with every greefe in heart,
he with thee will beare a part.

First entised by many wiles,
and by fortunes fickle smiles:
Griefe it is my cheefest song,
sorrow to me doth belong,
Still I waite and moane to see,
my hard hap and misery.

When all my money it was spent,
no credit unto me he lent:
But straight they turnd me out of doore,
to beg my bread among the poore.
Thus fortune first on me did smile,
and afterwards did me beguile,

Wherefore I wish all youthes that see,
to take warning heere by mee.
How that they follow Venus trace.
feare least they come to great disgrace,
For she like Syrens will them intice,
and afterwards will them despise,


printed at London for .J.W.

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