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Ballad Title Natures Wonder? / OR, / [? Ac]count how the Wife of one John Wate[r]man an Ostler in the Parish of Fisherton- / Anger, near Salisbury, was Delivered of a strange Monster upon the 26th of October 1664. / which lived untill the 27th of the same Moneth. It had two heads, foure Armes, and two Legs. / The Heads standing contrary each to the other; and the Loines, Hipps and Leggs Issueing out / of the middle, betwixt both. They were both pefect to the Navell, and there joyned in one, / being but one Sex, which was the Female. She had another Child born before it (of the Female / Sex) whieh is yet living, and is a very comely Child in all proportions. This is Attested for truth, / by several Persons which were eye wittnesses.
Tune Imprint The Tune is, London Prentice: Or, Jovial Batchelor.
Standard Tune Title All You That Love Good Fellows
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