The musical aspect of ballads is one of their most identifiable -- and enjoyable -- features. EBBA is proud to offer recordings of ballads for which extant tunes are identifiable as sung by members of the EBBA Music Team. The recordings of the ballads are available to download as mp3 files so that they can be played directly in the browser or downloaded to your computer and other portable music devices.

James Revell Carr's essay on "Recording Early Broadside Ballads" explains the scholarly apparatus behind EBBA's production of these recordings; Caroline Bennet's essay on "Researching Tunes for the Rosebery Collection" discusses how tunes previously lost to ballad scholars can sometimes be recovered. The "Night of Songs" event, during which participants in EBBA's 2006 conference "Straws in the Wind: Ballads and Broadsides, 1500-1800" conference brought the ballads to life through song, was a testament to the lively and essential musical side of ballads.