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Female Ballad Singer

The musical aspect of ballads is one of their most identifiable—and enjoyable—features. EBBA is proud to offer recordings of ballads for which extant tunes are identifiable as sung by members of the EBBA Music Team. The recordings of the ballads are available to download as mp3 files so that they can be played directly in the browser or downloaded to your computer and other portable music devices.

James Revell Carr's essay on "Recording Early Broadside Ballads" explains the scholarly apparatus behind EBBA's production of these recordings. Other informative essays on ballad music can be found under "Culture and Printing," including Bill Gahan's essay on "Ballad Measure in Print" and Carr's "'An Harmlesse Dittie': Ballad Music and Its Sources."

In the near future, we will be adding a feature whereby users can track the progress of a few ballad stanzas as transcribed from recordings. A sample of this can be found under the "Music Transcription" tab for EBBA 30184, "A most godly and comfortable Ballad of the glorious Resurrection of our Lord Iesus Christ..." The page on "Musical Transcriptions" offers an in-depth explanation of this process and the desired outputs.