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EBBA 32382 Album Facsimile

Album Facsimile for HEH Miscellaneous 180163

The Henry E. Huntington Library in San Marino, California, is home to approximately 600 sixteenth- and seventeenth-century broadside ballads. Collections at the Huntington include the Bindley (formerly Luttrell) of about 100 ballads; the Bridgewater, including about 60 ballads; and the Britwell (formerly Huth) of approximately 90 ballads. In addition to these collections, the Huntington also holds several hundred other ballads that are bound into album books alongside other types of texts, and some that are loose sheets tucked into other books or folders. Because the Huntington ballads have been collected in such different ways, the album and ballad sheet facsimiles appear less uniform than in the Pepys, Roxburghe, and Euing collections. For example, the album facsimile above shows a ballad bound in a miscellaneous volume, while the ballad sheet facsimile below shows a ballad that is not part of any album (though it appears to have been bound at one time).

EBBA 32437 Ballad Sheet

Ballad Sheet Facsimile for HEH Miscellaneous 229146

The Huntington's ballad holdings are richly diverse. They range from very early ballads of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries (most of these are in the Britwell collection) to white-letter ballads from the later seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. We offer a detailed discussion of the fascinating Britwell collection, including its provenance, while archiving the rest of the ballads held by the Huntington, including ballads from its Bindley (formerly Luttrell) and Bridgewater collections, under the term "Miscellaneous."