Undergraduate Projects

FRAPer Noah Feiwell

FRAP Intern Noah Feiwell with his and other interns' posters

EBBA supports undergraduate research through internships and RA-ships, which allow students to participate in our ongoing ballad digitization process.

In connection with UCSB's Faculty Research Assistance Program (FRAP), EBBA has received sponsorship for a number of our undergraduate researchers, whose capstone projects are to design posters describing their involvement with us.

We are proud to showcase recent posters below (click on the image to view larger size).

Poster by Amy Gudino, Spring 2017: "Learning History Through Humanity."

Poster by Claire McMahon, Spring 2017: "What Makes Us Human, OR, A Timeless Tale About Mortality, Integrity, and the Never-Ending Effort to Stitch the Two Together."

Poster by Brandi Bushman, Spring 2017: "Cupid's Piercing Arrow, OR, The Lack of Female Consent and Voice in the Early Modern Period."

Poster by Bailey Clark, Spring 2017: "Wood Cut Illustrations in the 15th Century."

Poster by Kim Le, Spring 2017: "Crossdressing Women in Broadside Ballads: A Different Sort of Lady."

Poster by Noa Torres-Baker, Spring 2017: "How Music Sold the Ballads."

Poster by Allison Green, Spring 2017: "Gendered Insults of the 17th Century."

Poster by Jessica White, Spring 2017: "The Printing Press and Broadside Ballads."

Poster by Bailey Clark, Winter 2017: "Paper Making With a Comparison Between the 15th Century and the Modern Age."

Poster by Monica Collins, Winter 2017: "The Narrative Evolution of the English Ballad"

Poster by Allison Green, Winter 2017: "Scottish Ballads within English Broadside Ballads and the often derogatory implications"

Poster by Mirabella McDowell, Fall 2016: "A Symphony of Moralizing Music OR, Exploring the Didactic Nature and Righteous Lessons within Multitudinous English Broadside Ballads To the Pleasant Tune of, the Tenaciously Typing Transcribers"

Poster by Doug Serrano, Winter 2017: "Divine Forgiveness; or, How the Wife of Bath Argued Her Way Into Heaven"

Poster by Jessica White, Winter 2017: "Themes and Relevancy of Broadside Ballads"

Poster by Kristie Chairil, Fall 2016: "Shame in Sexuality; OR, The Lack thereof, in seventeenth century English ballads. To the Pleasant tune of, the Bard's Archive"

Poster by Aria Kenney, Fall 2016: "Modernizing Broadside Ballads: A Digitization of Cultural History"

Poster by Ricardo Moreno, Fall 2016: "Broadside Ballads as Medium for High Moral Continuity through the use of Slippery Slope Fallacies"

Poster by Doug Serrano, Fall 2016: "Visual Storytelling In Broadside Ballads OR, How Everyone Dies in a Single Woodcut"

Poster by Ann Tardiff, Fall 2016: "Transcribing the Everyday Language of the People, Also, Transcribing the Past for All To See"

Poster by Jake Castillo, Spring 2016: "Preserving the Past: Transcribing Early English Ballads for Today"

Poster by Marla Cole, Spring 2016: "It's a little thing called Romance"

Poster by Noah Feiwell, Spring 2016: "The End is Always Nigh: London and the Perpetually Impending Apocalypse"

Poster by Jessica Sparks, Spring 2016: "Let's Get Digital: Making Broadside Ballads User Friendly / OR / My Experience Working on a Digital Archive"

Poster by Katie Weinstein, Spring 2016: "Murthering Wives and Dearest Husbands: OR, Gender Divisions and Morality in 17th Century Broadside Ballads"

Poster by Sam Arrow, Winter 2016: "The 17th Century Meets the Modern Age OR, An insightful look into how the individual negotiates between two different methods of transcription and ultimately chooses how to proceed"

Poster by Alfonso Delgado, Winter 2016: "Robin Hood and the Creation of a New Chivalric Archetype"

Poster by Tessa Fieri, Winter 2016: "True Lovers (Don't Exist): Or, Shewing How Broadside Ballads Satirically Address Love and Lovers"

Poster by Franny Pezzulo, Winter 2016: "The Representation of the Female Subject within Ballads and the Social Implications"

Poster by Jayne Ward, Winter 2016: "Speaking through Folktales: Or, Robin Hood's Contribution to English Broadside Ballads"

Poster by Andrea Maasz, Fall 2015: "Drinking and Despair: Or, How the Bad Husband Guzzles down his Fortune in the Ale-house and is forced to reform his ways"

Poster by Ben Fan, Fall 2015: "Love in Times Past: Insights on Relationships of Old"

Poster by Michael Loose, Fall 2015: "Ye Olde Photoshoppe: Revitalizing Old English Ballads For a New Audience, For Study And Appreciation of How Much Literature Changes, and How Much it Doesn't"

Poster by Adrianna Villasenor, Spring 2015: "Morals and Lessons in Ballads, OR, Analyzing the Social Message"

Poster by Jessica Sparks, Spring 2015: "Reading Between the Lines: Broadside Ballads & Tune Notations"

Poster by Marla Cole, Spring 2015: "From Yesterday to Today: Modernizing Early English Broadside Ballads"

Poster by Tenaya Courtney, Winter 2015: "'The Ale-Wives' Snare': Transcribing Husbands' Laments"

Poster by Lizbet Flores, Winter 2015: "Preserving Courtly Love OR, Reviving Chivalry"

Poster by Megan Perry, Winter 2015: "Rejuvenating Yesterday: Modern Transcriptions of Broadside Ballads"

Poster by Antigone Bowden, Fall 2014: "Transcribing Mother-Daughter Rivalry"

Poster by Lucas Gigena, Fall 2014: "Facsimile Transcription, English Broadside Ballad Archive"

Poster by Sarah Rice, Spring 2014: "Facsimile Transcription English Broadside Ballad Archive"

Poster by Priscilla Leung, Fall 2013: "From Old to New: Or, Modernizing the Crawford Collection"