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Magdalene College - Pepys
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Robin the Plow-man's Courage;
Harry the Millers miserable misfortune
in Courting of young Kate, who declared he had lost his
his Testicles, and therefore far unfit for Wedlock.
Tune is, March Boys, March Boys, etc. Licensed according to Order.

STout Robin the Plow-man lov'd young Kate,
and so did the Miller of the Town,
Each strove for to make this Lass their Mate,
but she on the Miller still did frown;
And told him his Courtship was in vain,
for why she resolved ne'er to have him,

He being a double Knave in grain,
and thus stout Kate she did beslave him;
Out Knave, go Knave, come no more a near me,
then broke his Noddle, with a Ladle,
Think you (said she) that I'll e'er marry thee,
who has a Thief been from your Cradle.

The Miller he then did quaking stand,
declaring he lov'd her as his life,
And pray'd her that she would hold her hand,
for why he would make her his lawful wife;
Ye sorrowful Slave she then reply'd,
a Miller shall never be my master,
Then on his Shoulders, Back and Side,
she lay'd on blows both thick and faster;
He cry'd, sweet Kate why art thou so cruel,
for to abuse an honest Miller,
This was in vain, for she lay'd on amain,
at length he swore that he would kill her.

So soon as the Miller this had spoke,
brave Robin the Plow-man did appear,
And gave him a lusty heavy stroke,
ye Villian (quoth he what make you here;
You threaten the life of my sweet Kate,
for which I will now have satisfaction;
Quoth he she has bang'd and broke my pate,
for doting on her sweet complexion;
My love, my love has been true and loyal,
I counted her my sweetest treasure,
Bob of the Plow he did then knit his brow,
and let him know of his high displeasure.

Kate's not a Wife for you he cry'd,
she will have an honest man I know,
And therefore I mean thresh your hide,
if from her presence you do not go;
My passionate fury you'll renew,
these angry brows you see are bending,

I'll give you another touch or two,
if longer here you stand conteming,
Plow-men, Plow-men, scorn a lowlie miller
so does young Kate my dearest sweeting,
This very club now your sides shall drub,
pray tell me how you like my greeting.

Thus Robin the Plow man fierce and hot,
then up to the Miller streightways drew,
Who told him in short I fear you not,
I think I'm as good a man as you;
You lye like a Knave quoth honest Kate,
remember the time that Bridget held,
While Margery, Nancy, Jone, and Kate,
did for your wicked Actions geld you,
Therefore, therefore never stand contending,
since I the truth have thus related,
Where e'er you go, ye Rascal ye know,
you are by all young women hated.

The Miller at this did blush for shame,
and happy he was to sneak away,
While Robin the Plow-man he by Name,
with conquering courage gain'd the day;
Sweet Katy his joy and heares delight,
she every night and day doth chere him:
But Harry the Miller women flight,
not one of them will e'er come near him:
Near him, near him, never, never near him.
no not in all this Land and Nation,
Now for his life, he cannot get a wife,
since Kate has this Proclamation.

Printed for P. Brooksby, J. Deacon, J. Blare, and J. Back.

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