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Magdalene College - Pepys
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The Hartford-shire Mens
Fears of the Maidens Furies.
It being an Answer to the Nine Maidens Attempt in Gelding the
Tune of, She got money by't. This may be printed, R.P.

I Wonder that this Age is grown
to such a vast confusion;
That maids won't let young-men alone,
but by a strange Intrusion
They take much pleasure to gain their treasure
their very fingers itches,
So that mens care is now to wear
a Padlock on their Breeches.

The tydings soon began to spread
through e'ery Town and Village,
How young-maids was by fury led,
so that they vow'd to pillage

The young-mens Treasure, & use their pleasure,
they rob them of their Riches,
So that they swear they now will wear
a Padlock on their Breeches.

You know nine maidens did beset
a man, to make him rue it,
And Joan the fatal Knife did whet,
and vow'd that she would do it.
This makes men tremble, & some run nimble,
in hopes to save their Riches;
And some they swear, they now will wear
a Padlock on their Breeches.

When Robin to the Market goes,
he is afraid to meet them,
As knowing them most cruel Foes,
that would most vilely treat him:
Yet now to free 'um, if he should see 'um,
and likewise save his Riches,
He now takes care alwaies to wear
a Padlock on his Breeches.

There's Roger, Will, and Richard too,
nay, likewise honest Harry,
With many more, as I am true,
all fears they may miscarry.
If maids shou'd find um, they'd surely bind um
and rob them of their Riches;
Therefore their care is still to wear
a Padlock on their Breeches.

Nay, Daniel dare not go to Plough,
for fear these maids should spy him;
'Cause Joan and Bess did swear and vow
if they could but come nigh him,
They would not spare him; now this does scare him
and all his wits bewitches;
So that, I swear, he's forc'd to wear
a Padlock on his Breeches.

As Ralph does from the Market ride,
a thousand fears possess him;
The like was never known; beside
he pray'd that Jove would bless him,
And keep him ever from their endeavour,
who fain would have his Riches;
Besides he will have alwaies still
a Padlock on his breeches.

Alas! the young-men far and near,
since these nine Damosels trading,
Amazed are, and quake for fear
if they but see a maiden:
They fear their Ruin is just ensuing,
in losing of their Riches,
For all they wear with prudent care
a Padlock on their breeches.

Printed for J. Bissel at the Bible and Harp
in West Smithfield.
Where any Chapman may be furnished with
all sorts of new and old Songs.

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