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Magdalene College - Pepys
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The Nine Maidens Fury
Hartford-Shire Man.
Who would have gelded him, but that his Sweetheart Susan coming in, begged his pardon.
Tune of, She got money by't. This may be printed, R.P.

T Here was a young-man liv'd of late
but Twenty Miles from London ,
Who by nine Maidens cruel hate
poor Lad he was near undone.
For Kate and Molly , with Nan and Dolly,
they scornfully beheld him;
Nay likewise Bess , with Jone no less,
all vow'd that they would geld him .

The reason why they would do so,
he alwaies would be fooling
Where ever he did come or go,
His Courage wanted cooling:

He was for trimming both maids & women
they ran if they beheld him:
But now stout Doll , with Kate , and Moll ,
are all resolv'd to geld him.

They came unto him with a grace,
it was one morning early,
And in a most convenient place
they seiz'd upon him fairly.
Then Kate and Dolly , with Nan & Molly ,
tho' he was strong, they held him,
While Jone and Bess , with Prue and Priss ,
did vow and swear they'd geld him.

A Gainst them all he could not stand,
although he was full hardy;
Now they had got him under hand,
each Lass did spend her Verdy.
Says Doll we'l do it, and make him rue it,
and thus by strength they held him,
While Jone and Bess , with Prue and Priss ,
did vow and swear they'd geld him .

He feared then to lose his life;
they over him did swagger,
And Jone pull'd out the fatal Knife,
as long as any Dagger.
Altho' he see it, he could not flee it
so strong and stout they held him:
Thus Jone and Bess , with Prue and Priss ,
did vow and swear they'd geld him.

But mark, before they did begin
this young-man's utter Ruin,
His true Love Susan she came in,
and saw what they were doing:
Said she pray pitty my doleful Ditty,
while she with grief beheld him;
Said she, sweet Jone . let him alone,
I prithee do not geld him.

Take pitty of a harmless Maid,
and do not be too cruel:
Then with a sigh and sob she said,
he is my Dearest Jewel;
Then don't abuse him, but pray excuse him,
her words with comfort fill'd him:
Then says Doll , and so says Moll ,
we will forbear to geld him.

When Kate and Nancy they beheld
poor Susans sad condition,
They all were then with pity fill'd,
and granted her Petition.
Then he was merry, both brisk and airy,
with joy sweet Susan fill'd him,
Jone vow'd she'd save what Sue should have
therefore she would not geld him.

Printed for James Bissel at the Bible and
Harp in West-Smithfield.
Where any Chapmen may be furnished
with all sorts of new old Songs.

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