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Magdalene College - Pepys
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The two faithfull Friends.
The pleasant History of Alexander and Lodwicke , who were so like one ano
ther, that none could know them asunder: wherein is declared how Lodwike
married the Princesse of Hungaria in Alexanders name, and how each night
he layd a naked sword betweene him and the Princesse , because he
would not wrong his friend.
To the tune of Flying Fame .

T He Emperor of Germany ,
a turney did Proclaime:
Where many Princes of renowne,
resorted to the same,
Amongst the rest Prince Lodowike came
and Guido Prince of Spaine;
Prince Alexander likewise came
great honours to obtaine.

The Emperors promise was to give
to him that won the day,
His only daughter as his bride:
the Story thus doth say;
The Champions entered the field,
with carriage stout and bold:
Lodowike of France , most manfully
whose Armour shin'd like gold.

Prince Alexander was the next
that entred in the field,
And like a champion stout and bold;
he did advance his shield:
The haughty Spaniard with the rest
his valour there did show,
But Alexander by his strength,
gave him the overthrow.

The valiant Prince of Hungary
brave Alexander hee,
From all the champions in the field
he won the victory:
Thus he by valour did obtaine
the Princesse from them all,
But yet in Hungary she liv'd
that had his heart in thrall.

The Emperor his promise kept,
and to the Conqueror gave:
His only daughter for his wife
whom Lodwicke most did crave;
For love had so inflam'd his thoughts
and set his heart on fire:
That for to gaine the Princesse love
it was his chiefe desire.

This Alexander was so like
to Lodwick Prince of France,
That he so lately had or'throwne
by Fate and fortunes chance:
None could distinguish them aright
or know one from the other,
In shape stature and countenance;
as if they had bin brothers.

Which bread such love betwixt them both
as could not be divorc't,
Yet fortunes frowne, and fickle chance
asunder them in forc't:
Prince Alexander gave his friend
the Emperours daughter free,
Which he before had won in field:
by manly Chivalry.

The envious Spaniard being vext
and tortured in his mind,
He and the devill devised how
to crosse these lovers kind:
He to the Emperor accus'd
the Princesse of base Lust
And vowd with sword for to maintaine
these accusations Just.

The second part. To the same tune.

P Rince Lodwick being thus accusd,
by Guydo Prince of Spaine,
His friend Prince Alexander then
this combat did maintain:
And sent his friend Prince Lodwick straight
to Hungary with speed,
There in his roome for to possesse
the high Imperiall weed.

Friend Lodwick , Alexander sayd,
goe thou to Hungary,
Against the Spaniard Ile maintaine
thy cause most manfully:
The King I understand is dead,
goe then and in my place,
Possesse the Crowne and dignity,
and all the Royall grace.

That they will there bestow on thee,
let it not be denyd;
His daughter likewise in my name
make her thy wedded bride:
But by our friendship I intreat,
this kindnesse at thy hands:
That thou by no meanes vyolate
true constancies chast bands.

Although thou wedde her as thy wife,
yet know tis in my name,
Let her remaine a virgin pure
I doe request the same:
Because my heart she has in hold,
and love her as my life:
Away be gone thou knowst my mind
leave me to end this strife.

Prince Lodwike now is on his way,
and Alexander hee,
By fortunes ayd the Spaniard slew,
and set the Princes free:
Lodwicke in Alexanders name
receiv'd in Hungary,
The Crown, & likewise in the Church
his wife received he.

But every night betweene them twain
his naked sword he'd lay,
Such constant friendship at that time
his heart and thoughts did sway:
Prince Alexander came himselfe
then Lodwike tooke his leave,
Of Alexander his deare friend
which did him not deceive.

The Queene in heart was vexed sore
that she so long should lye,
With him that was her husband deare
and not Loves pastimes trye:
Unto a Lord she made her mone,
and they both did agree:
To be reveng'd upon the King
and poysoned he should be.

The poyson tooke not full effect
but brake forth on his face,
That he a leper did appeare
and then in great disgrace:
They kickt & spurnd him from the court,
thus in most shamefull manner,
He was compel'd to beg for food
that lately liv'd in honor.

To Lodwiks Court he did repaire
thus like a leper poore;
And for reliefe he did intreate
at his friend Lodwiks doore:
A Ring he sent unto his friend,
who well the same did know;
And came in love to greet his friend
willing to ease his woe.

Quoth Alexander unto him,
kind friend there is no way
To ease my paine unlesse that thou
thy loving babes doe slay:
What i'st but I will doe for thee,
quoth Lodwike by and by,
To ease my friend of this great paine,
my pretty babes shall dye.

For which hee to the cradle goes,
where they were fast asleepe,
And with a knife he lets them blood
his promise for to keepe;
And with their bloods he washt the sores
from Alexanders face,
Thus he like to a loyall friend
the path of Love did trace.

Thus Alexander being clear'd,
of all his torturing paine,
Lodwike unto his Queen made known
how he his babes had slaine
This newes did grieve her at the heart,
but straight she runs to see:
Whether that it was so or no
it prov'd the contrary.

For both the babes she found alive,
as God would have it so,
Which did revive her drooping heart,
now joyes exceedes all woe:
King Alexander being well
to Hungary he goes;
And Lodwike his beloved friend
to overthrow his foes.

The victory they soone obtain'd,
and tooke the Lord and Queene,
And doom'd them to such cruell deaths
as yet had not beene seene:
King Alexander againe was Crown'd,
by helpe of his good friend,
Their griefes to joyes converted were,
their pleasures did transcend.

London Printed for Henry Gosson.

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