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Magdalene College - Pepys
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A Pleasant Countrey new Ditty:
Merrily shewing how
To drive the cold Winter away .
To the tune of, When Phoebus did rest, etc .

A Ll hayle to the dayes,
That merite more praise,
then all the rest of the yeare:
And welcome the nights,
That double delights,
as well the poore as the Peere:
Good fortune attend,
Each merry mans friend,
that doth but the best that he may:
Forgetting old wrongs,
With Carrols and Songs,
to drive the cold winter away .

Let misery packe,
With a whip at his backe,
to the deep Tantalian flood:
In the Lethe profound,
Let envy be drown'd,
that pines at another mans good:
Let sorrowes expence,
Be banded from hence,
all payments of griefe delay:
And wholly consort,
With mirth and with sport,
to drive the cold winter away .

Tis ill for a mind,
To anger inclind,
to ruminate injuries now:
If wrath be to seeke,
Do not let her thy cheeke,
nor yet inhabite thy brow.
Crosse out of those bookes,
Malevolent lookes,
both beauty and youthes decay:
And spend the long night,
In honest delight,
to drive the cold winter away .

The Court in all state,
Now opens her gate,
and bids a free welcome to most:
The City likewise,
Though somewhat precise,
doth willingly part with her cost:
And yet by report,
From City and Court,
the Countrey gets the day:
More Liquor is spent,
And better content,
to drive the cold winter away .

The Gentry there,
For cost do not spare,
the Yeomanry fast in Lent:
The Farmers and such,
Thinke nothing too much,
if they keep but to pay their Rent:
The poorest of all,
Do merrily call,
want, beares but a little sway:
For a Song or a tale,
Ore a Pot of good Ale,
to drive the cold winter away .

Thus none will allow,
Of solitude now,
but merrily greets the time:
To make it appeare,
Of all the whole yeare,
that this is accounted the Prime.
December is seene,
Apparel'd in greene,
and January fresh as May:
Comes dancing along,
With a Cup and a Song,
to drive the cold winter away .

The second part. To the same tune.

T His time of the yeare,
Is spent in good Cheare,
kind neighbours together meet:
To sit by the fire,
With friendly desire,
each other in love to greet:
Old grudges forgot,
Are put in the Pot,
all sorrowes aside they lay:
The old and the yong,
Doth Caroll his Song,
to drive the cold winter away .

Sisley and Nanny ,
More jocund then any,
as blithe as the Month of June :
Do Caroll and sing,
Like birds of the Spring,
no Nightingale sweeter in tune:
To bring in content,
When Summer is spent,
in pleasant delight and play:
With mirth and good cheere,
To end the old yeere,
and drive the cold winter away .

The Shepheard, the Swaine,
Do highly disdaine,
to waste out his time in care:
And Clim of the Clough,
Hath plenty enough,
if but a penny he spare:
To spend at the night,
In joy and delight,
now after his labours all day:
For better then Lands,
Is helpe of his hands,
to drive the cold winter away .

To Maske and to Mum,
Kind neighbours will come,
with Wassels of hot brown Ale;
To drinke and carouse,
To all in this house,
as merry as Bucks in the pale:
Where Cake, Bread and Cheese,
Is brought for your fees,
to make you the longer stay:
At the fire to warme,
Will do you no harme,
to drive the cold winter away .

When Christmas tide,
Comes in like a Bride,
with Holly and Ivy clad:
Twelve dayes in the yeare,
Much mirth and good cheare,
in every houshold is had:
The Countrey guise,
Is then to devise,
some gambole of Christmas play:
Whereas the yong men,
Do best that they can,
to drive the cold winter away .

When white-bearded Frost,
Hath threatened his worst,
and fallen from Branch & Bryer:
Then time away cals,
From Husbandry Hals,
& from the good Countrymans fire:
Together to go,
To Plow and to sow,
to get us both food and array:
And thus with content,
The time we have spent,
to drive the cold winter away .

Printed at London for H.G. FINIS.

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