Geography of the London Ballad Trade, 1500-1700

Welcome to the Geography of the London Ballad Trade's beta site.

This website is a preview of an in-development project that will ultimately provide an interactive, mapped timeline of early modern ballad seller shop locations. The data presented here is a sampling of about sixty booksellers working between 1550-1700. As such, this information is very provisional and is intended to show the potential uses of this site and data rather than firm conclusions about the ballad trade in early modern England.

By clicking play, you can view an animation showing the locations of early modern ballad printer shops on a modern map of London. The animation begins with sixteenth century (shown by green dots), then moves to early seventeenth century shops (blue dots), mid seventeenth century (yellow dots), and finally to later seventeenth century shops (pink dots). The animation ends with all the time periods displayed for comparison.

I provide discussion and close-up images on the Analysis page.