Holding to Standards

EBBA’s database is format agnostic. The database does not follow any single metadata standard.

We provide for interoperability and object reuse and exchange (ORE) through MARC and TEI, crosswalking according to the most current standards available.

We also plan in the near future to provide a static archive gateway to our complete holdings that will make it interoperable according to Open Archives Initiative (OAI) standards.

We catalogue a wide-range of metadata for our sources. In general, we aim for MARC and TEI at a thin level for interchangeability in ORE, supplemented with content-specific thicker metadata sets, some custom-developed and some with a wide range of standard sources. Our catalogue is heavily indebted to Helen Weinstein, who compiled the Catalogue of the Pepys Library at Magdalene College, Cambridge. (Weinstein follows F.T. Bowers’s Principles of Bibliographic Description and Philip Gaskell’s A New Introduction to Bibliography). We use thin Library of Congress subject headings, plus carefully researched date and tune information, together with custom-developed keyword taxonomy for both ballads and woodcut impressions, in each case designed by scholars specifically to reflect the content.

Bibliographic Catalogue

Woodcut Impressions

Tunes / Recordings