Ballad Colloquium 2011-2012

In this year’s ballad colloquium, we will go back to pre-school (so to speak) with the theme "Make your own Ballad!" We will spend a couple of sessions on ballad types and content in the mid-16th through 18th centuries, and then students will be let loose to construct their own ballad, including text, illustration, and tune. You may be as creative as they were in the 17th century heyday of the ballad (and they were quite creative). Your only constraint: you will be asked to explain and justify your choices based on ballads or a sub-set of ballads in the English Broadside Ballad Archive.

We will mount selective modern ballads on the EBBA website as new morphings of the old and enduring form.

To begin to inspire you, here is an example of a modern Irish independence ballad built upon a very old Renaissance song (provided courtesy of Judith Paltin), see: *4:18 Steeleye Span Fighting for Strangers*

Also, see Patricia Fumerton’s tribute to Richard Helgerson (with the aid of Kris McAbee).

Some sample products from the course:

Charlotte Becker's ballad on Bernie Madoff