EBBA 36411

Manchester Central Library - Blackletter Ballads
[ACcommodation of peace,]
Date Published 1642?
Standard Tune
Imprint Printed for F. Coules in the Old-baily.
Collection Manchester Central Library - Blackletter Ballads
Page 2.47
Location Manchester Central Library
Shelfmark BR f 821.04 B49
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 Part 1Part 2
Title[ACcommodation of peace,]The second part,
Tune Imprint[?]to the same tune.
First Lines[?] / [?]ACcommodation of peace, / For a faire treaty, wars to cease,
Notes The first half of this ballad is missing and cannot be identified. However, based on the names of the standard-bearers listed at the end of the ballad, it seems to be related to the pamphlet "A true and exact Relation of the manner of his Maiesties setting up of His Standard at Nottingham, on Munday the 22. of August. 1642.," also printed by Francis Coles. This is also supported by the reference to Bishop Wren "lately tane" into the Tower of London, an event that occurred in 1641.

Pasted onto the same album sheet as EBBA 36094, "Oh faine would I marry / Yet divers occasions a while make me tarry, / Before he will wedd he is thrifty to see, / And set downe with Items what charge It will be."