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EBBA 35998

Beinecke Library - Michell-Jolliffe
Recording Information
Ballad Title A dainty new Dialogue between HENRY and ELIZABETH. / Being the good Wives Vindication, and the bad Husbands Reformation. / This new composed gallant Ditty, is to be sung in Town and City. / This Ballad is both compriz'd and penn'd / To teach bad Husbands how their lives to mend: / All you good Wives, the which bad Husbands have, / For your own good, let me this favour crave, / One Penny on this Ditty to bestow, / And carry it to your Husbands for to show; / It may in time make you twice over glad, / When as you see him good that was so bad.
Tune Imprint The Tune is, The Tyrant.
Standard Tune Title Bonny Sweet Robin; My Robin is to the Greenwood Gone
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