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Beinecke Library - Michell-Jolliffe
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The Godly Maid of Leicester.
Being a true Relation of Elizabeth Stretton, who lying upon her Death-bed, was won-
derfully delivered from the Temptations of Satan: worthy the noting of all that
would live and dye in the fear of God. The Tune is, In Summer time.

AMongst the wonders God hath shown,
within this Island, and else-where,
A Wonder strange I will make known,
as ever any Man did hear:
A Vertuous Maid in Leicester dwelt,
who came of honest Parentage,
Temptations and afflictions felt,
although she was of tender age.

Elizabeth Stretton was h[e]r name,
of Conversation Godly given,
Gods holy word was all her aim,
whose Soul no doubt is now in Heaven:
Sore sick she was, and sick to death,
and in a Trance for half an hour,
That people thought her vital breath
extinguish'd was by deaths strong power.

He that rais'd Lazarus from the dead,
did raise this Maid to life again,
When as they thought her life was fled,
and that by death she had been slain:
At last with smiling countenance,
she on the Company did look,
And said she had been in a Trance,
but Christ her Soul had not forsook.

I have been in a Combat great,
even with the Black Prince of the ayr,
By Craft, and by his strong deceit,
did seek to bring me to dispair:
But Christ doth ne'r forsake his flock,
who evermore on him depend;
He was my Fortress and my Rock,
and brought my troubles to an end.

S[a]tan. O si[l]ly Soul, the Devil said,
in Christ why dost thou put thy trust?
In Hell with me thou must be laid,
and thy frail Body turn to dust.
Maid. I know my Corps to dust must fall,
but my sweet Christ redeem'd my soul,
I am his Child, on him I call,
although my sins are very foul.

Satan. No sinful Soul in Heaven may dwell
alas, poor wretch, thou art deceiv'd;
Thy sins will weigh thee down to Hell,
when Death of Life hath thee bereav'd.
Maid. Gods mercy is above my sin,
who did protect me from my birth,
My Father knows where I have been,
amongst vile Sinners hear on earth.

The Second part, to the same tune.

WHose bad example did me cause
to walk beside the path of grace:
I have broke all his Sacred Laws,
yet he my Soul doth imbrace:
When he perceiv'd my Faith so strong,
Satan began to hide his head,
I did by him receive no wrong;
so presently he vanished.

He was no sooner vanished,
but my sweet Saviour appear'd to me;
When as you thought I had been dead,
my Soul our Saviour then did see:
Poor Wretch, said he, loe I will be
thy Father, Husband, and delight:
Thy Sinful Soul from Death is free,
and overcame the Devils might.

I hid my Face a little space,
to try how patient thou wouldst be:
I gave thee Faith and means of Grace,
and that sufficient was for thee
To overcome the Devils power,
the Gates of Hell could not prevail:
I helpt thee in a blessed hour,
and thy poor Soul I will not fail.

Go tell thy friends where thou hast been,
and how my Children I protect,
How I have pardoned thy Sin,
and all the Sins of my Elect:
With Oyl he did annoint my soul,
my Head, and all my Body o're,
He did forgive my Sins most foul,
I praise his Holy Name therefore.

Now I my Saviours love have again,
I nothing in the World do crave,
But that I once were free from pain,
and fairly laid within my Grave:
All you that stand about my Bed,
see that the Lord above you fear,
And think on this when I am dead,
that you your course so well may steer.

For I have fought a happy fight,
and overcome by Gods good grace
The Devil in his power and might,
and run with comfort now my race.
From henceforth is laid up for me
a Crown of immortality:
Where I shall very shortly be,
with Heavenly Saints that never dye.

Unto Gods Ordinance let's go,
in the week days with due respect,
Think not the time ill spent all you,
that count yourselves as Gods Elect:
As well as on the Sabbath-day,
as I have done, as you do know,
For I to you may truly say,
I find the comfort of it now.

Let none Gods Ordinance condemn,
the means of their Salvation,
Let not the Devil prevail with them,
to bring them to Damnation:
I praise my God in all my grief,
I never left my hold of Grace,
When other folks are bent to strife,
I held the Church the chiefest place.

And therefore mind me what I say,
before your Glass be run,
Though other people go astray,
go forward as you have begun:
And meddle not with them that are
contentious any kind of way,
But ever let it be your care,
Gods Holy Ordinance to obey.

For those that will not serve him here,
in Heaven shall never dwell,
Therefore my friends now have a care,
that you may escape the pains of Hell:
So farewel friends, farewel to all,
i'm going to a better place,
Let not the Devil bring you to thrall,
nor fondly lose your hold of Grace.

Lord Jesus Christ receive my Soul,
I do bequeath the same to thee,
O Lord forgive my sins most foul,
and so to Heaven passed she:
And so departed she in peace,
to Heaven, with Angels to remain,
The Lord above gave her release,
from her afflictions, grief, and pain.

Let people mind her dying words,
if in Heaven they would live,
Her Life and Death so much affords,
and Heavenly comfort now doth give:
O Lord give us all Grace, that we
may live to him, and dye to sin,
Our life and death shall happy be,
though in a wicked world we've been.

Printed for F. Coles, T. Vere, J. Wright, J. Clarke, W. Thackery, and T. Passinger.

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