EBBA 35797

Beinecke Library - Michell-Jolliffe
Recording Information
Ballad Title The Delights of the Bottle: / OR, / The Town-Gallants Declaration for Women and Wine. / Being a Description of a Town-bred Gentleman, with all his Intreagus, Pleasure, Company, Humour, and Conversations. / Gallants, from faults he cannot be exempt, / Who doth a task so difficult attempt; / I know I shall not hit your features right, / 'Tis hard to imitate in black and whight, / Some Lines were drawn by a more skilful hand, / And which they were you'l quickly understand, / Excuse me therefore if I do you wrong, / I did but make a Ballad of a Song.
Tune Imprint To a most Admirable New Tune, every where much in request.
Standard Tune Title Delights of the Bottle, The
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