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New VERSES concerning the PLOT, Londons Fire, & Godfreys Murder.
Given into his Majesties hand, the second of September last, by E.R
Whereto is added the Papists Attempts upon Justice Arnold, Mr. Thomkins,
and lately on Sr. William Waller.
Which also may be Sung to the Tune, Stone Walls cannot a Prison make, etc.

The Plot.
GIVE ear, O King, and Nobles all,
to this my new true Song,
The Living God is all in all,
his Truth is very strong,
Truth will defend, world without end,
those that are Innocent.
The Man that walketh in the Truth
hath no cause to repent.

A mighty Worder hath bin wrought
by God in fair England,
He hath delivered the King
by his almighty Hand,
Traytors did seek to take away
his LIFE, as is made known,
But their damn'd Treason is found out,
GOD hath them overthrown:

Their dark design is brought to light,
for all Traytors must fall;
Their is no Treason in the Truth,
for truth is Lord of All:
Its Truth that maketh Treason fly,
truth is a noble thing,
The Devil's in that man indeed
that wo'd destroy a King.

O Charles! rejoice, & praise the Lord
for your Deliverance,
He made you King of fair England,
I see your life advance:
Your secret Foes God will beat down,
and break them all asunder:
Your preservation stands in God,
who will bring traytors under.

How often hath the Lord bin pleased
your Body to deliver:
Then praise the living God, o King,
that you may live forever:
Great hath his Kindness bin to you,
he is your strong Defender,
Give up your Mind unto the Lord,
that Kingdom he doth tender.

When you was compassed about
with Fiery Enemies,
The Lord appeared in great power,
and did their Host surprise.
He led you by a gentle hand,
sent you out of their way,
And at his pleasure brought you home,
remember such a day!

The Kindness of the Lord to you
is not to be forgot,
Remember this my Sovereign,
how fair hath been your Lot.

The hand of Divine Providence,
hath guided you along,
Then blame me not, my Sovereign,
to greet you with a Song.

True men, of old, were very bold
they sung with heart and hand,
They lived and walked in the Truth,
the pearl of every Land:
They praised God, and loved the King
bearing the Truth within,
They had no Treason in their hearts,
but in true Love did spring.

Fire of London.
No Man that ever yet knew God:
was known for to conspire,
To kill a King, or set a Land
in burning flames of Fire.
O dreadful Treason, God will be
thy everlasting Death:
Those that are Found to walk therein,
the Lord will stop their breath.

Charles by the Grace of GOD, I say,
lift up your Heart to GOD:
Then hee'l give Traytors unto you:
and you shall be their Rod;
By you God will chastise them all,
they shall become your Prey,
Give glory to the living God,
he is your strength and stay.

Godfreys Murder.
The King is safe, but Godfreys slain,
now Traytors look about yee;
You are afraid of every Bush,
the Truth of God will rout yee.
Your safe-guard you have lost indeed,
your Salt hath lost its savour;
You seek for holes to hide you in,
for want of the Kings favour.

Come, Traytors come, with shame sit down,
destruction is your lot:
Be sorry now with all your Hearts;
for this your cursed Plot;
Had not your Market been forestald,
and you brought into Chains,
The Devil had bewitch'd you all,
its he that in you Reigns.

Justice Arnold.
Another Justice was beset,
they thought him for to Murther:
The Lyon he is in a Net,
he cannot go no further:
His Kingdom it is numbered,
and now it shall be finisht:
They are all Traytors to their Head,
that have the Truth deminisht.

Mr Thomkins, Esq; Arnold's friend.
A Lawyer that in Monmouth shire,
did live, hath been assaulted,
By one that will go to the Church,
but yet belike he halted:
He knew not God to be his God,
for Baals Priest they do blind them,
All Murderers shall feel the Rod,
with Judgements God will find them.

Sir William Waller.
Sir William Waller he is fled,
for fear that he should follow
Sir Edmundbury Godfrey, dead,
the Huntsmen they do hollow,
And closely follow on their Game,
over all Hills and Mountains,
But yet they shall not hurt the Lambs,
that feedeth by the Fountains.

Then keep Christs new Commande-ment,
and truly love each other,
And then you never shall be shent,
for he that hates his Brother:
He is a Murtherer I know,
and walks not in the Spirit,
Which is the free gift of the Lord,
that none can ever Merit.

Therefore O King, shew mercy then,
to me a Worm in Prison:
I am your Prisoner God doth know,
in this I speak no Treason:
Might I injoy my Liberty,
I let you understand,
I could not hurt, nor yet disturb,
no person in your Land.

O King, you can command the Prefs,
it standeth good with reason:
O King, let this be put in Print,
in truth, here is no Treason.
They are the Dictates of my Mind:
the Lord, he gave them mee,
And I do freely give them to
your Royal Majesty.

O blame me not, my Sovereign,
for this poor drop of water:
It is exceeding good indeed,
and from the Divine Nature.
Charity is a noble spring,
in Love there is no Treason,
For Charity doth guide the mind,
along in Divine reason.

Farewel, farewel, my Master dear,
consider me at leisure:
Hear I must lye asuredly,
until it be your Pleasure,
To set me free, then it would bee,
to us a great refreshing,
To see you enter into Love,
and to recieve Gods blessing.

Written by J. Taylor, a Singer of Israel, Prisoner in the Kings Bench.
LONDON, Printed in the Year 1680.

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