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Houghton Library - Hazlitt EC65
The Distressed Shepherd: / OR, / Joy after Sorrow.
Date Published ?
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Imprint LONDON, Sold by J. Cobb, in Plumb-Tree- / Street St. Giles's, and A. Powel, at the / Bible in Long-Ditch Westminter.
License Enter'd in the Stamp-Office according to Act of Parliament.
Collection Houghton Library - Hazlitt EC65
Pages 1.13, 1.14
Location Houghton Library
Shelfmark EC65.A100.690v2
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  Part 1
Title The Distressed Shepherd: / OR, / Joy after Sorrow.
Tune Imprint To a Pleasant New Tune.
First Lines I Am a poor Shepherd undone, / and cannot be cured by Art,
Refrain And, alas, poor Shepherd, / alack and a well-a-Day, / Before I was in Love, / Oh! every Month was May.