EBBA 35245

Houghton Library - Huth EBB65H
Recording Information
Ballad Title THE / True Lovers Tragedy: / Being an Incomparable Ballad of a Gentleman and his Lady, / That both Killed themselvels for Love, under the disguised Names of / Philander and Philis. / Phillis Philanders scattered Garments finds, / And thinks him slain, for which with Fate she joyns, / And with her Fatal Poniard striketh deep, / As Life no longer can it's station keep, / The Crimsoe Streams so fast flowd from her Veins, / Yet Dying, of her Loves dear loss complains: / No sooner Death had closed up her Starry eyes, / But her return'd Philander her espyes; / And finding that for him she lost her breath, / He kills himself, and crowns his Love with death.
Tune Imprint To the Tune of, Ah Cruel Bloody Fate.
Standard Tune Title Ah Cruel Bloody Fate
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