EBBA 35244

Houghton Library - Huth EBB65H
Recording Information
Ballad Title To her brown Beard. / For i'le warrant the Girl he'l Love the. / This Counsel doth advise all Maidens, kind, / To have a care lest Cupid make them blind, / Whereby to dote on Young mens fickle Love, / Which their actions will unconstant prove: / Husbands enough, and plenty may be had, / Some very good, and some exceeding bad; / Then come fair Maids, pray pick and chuse the best, / And let Old Nick make use of all the rest,
Tune Imprint Tune of Sweet is the Lass, or my maidenhead will not o're load me.
Standard Tune Title Damask Rose, The; Omnia Vincit Amor
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