EBBA 35231

Houghton Library - Huth EBB65H
Recording Information
Ballad Title Loves Boundless Power / OR, / The Charmed Lovers Happiness Compleated. / Being a most Excellent New Play-Song, most Pleasant and Delightful. / Doranus s[p]ies the Charming Nymph, whose Power / Wounds more then hers, who in a sudden Showre / Brought Thunder-bearing Jove from lofty Skies, / To pay Devotion to her Stary Eyes: / He's Conquer'd, and entreats, to which she yields / Phillis the Glory, both of Woods and Fields: / Does condesend to Love, and Crowns his Wish, / With Joys transending any Mortal Bliss.
Tune Imprint To the Tune of, When Busie Fame, &c.
Standard Tune Title Busy Fame
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