EBBA 35124

Houghton Library - Huth EBB65H
Recording Information
Ballad Title The Country=man's Delight: / Or, The Happy VVooing. / Being the Successful Love of / JOHN the SERVING-MAN, / In his Courting of / JOAN the DARY-MAID. / John's humble suit Joan does long time withstand, / Till his known Wealth her favour does command; / Then mustering all her Smiles, to him she bends, / And to the Bargain straight she condescends: / Now no Objection can retard her Love, / If not of him, she does his Wealth approve; / So Women for base Gold their Beauty sell, / To whom so e're bids most, that Cursed spell, / Fix'd deep into their Souls, comands them still, / And guides the Reins of their tempesteous will.
Tune Imprint To a New Play-House Tune: Or, / Dolly and Molly.
Standard Tune Title Quoth John to Joan
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