EBBA 35030

Houghton Library - EBB65
Recording Information
Ballad Title OXFORD in Mourning, / For the Loss of the Parliament. / OR, / London's loud Laughter at her late flattering her self with Excessive Trading. / A Pleasant New SONG. / Now Tapsters, Vintners, Sales-men, Taylors, all / Open their Throats, and for their losses bawl: / The Parliament is gone, their hopes now fail, / Pall'd is the Wine, and Egar grow the Ale: / Now Rooms late let for twenty Crowns a Week, / Would let for twelve-pence, but may Lodgers seek; / London Rejoyces who was sad before, / And in like Coin does pay off Oxfords score.
Tune Imprint To the Tune of, Packington's Pound; Or, Digby's Farewel.
Standard Tune Title Digby's Farewell
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