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The Cities Loyaltie to / their KING.
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Collection Houghton Library - Bute
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TitleThe Cities Loyaltie to / their KING.The 11. MEMBERS Justi- / fication.
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First LinesWHy kept your Train-Bands such a stirre? / why sent you them by clusters,Den. Hollis is a gallant man, / and was for them too crafty,
RefrainLondon is a brave Towne, / yet I their cases pitty, / Their Maior and some few Aldermen, / have cleane undone the City.The Parliament hath sitten close, / as ere did Knight in saddle, / For they have sitten full six yeares, / and now their egges prove addle. [with variation]
Notes Pasted onto the same sheet as EBBA 34431, "The Dagonizing of Bartholomew Fayre, caused through the / Lord Majors Command, for the battering downe the vanities of / the Gentiles, comprehended in Flag and Pole, ap- / pertayning to Puppet-play. / The 23. of August being the day before the Apostolicke Fayre."