EBBA 34141

National Library of Scotland - Crawford
Recording Information
Ballad Title Young Jemmy, / OR, / The Princely Shepherd. / Being a most pleasant and Delightful New Song. / In blest Arcadia, where each Shepherd feeds / His numerous Flocks, and tunes on slender Reeds; / His song of Love, while the fair nymphs trip round, / The chief amoungst 'um was young Jemmy found: / For he with glances could enslave each heart; / But fond Ambition made him to depart / The Fields to Court, led on by such as sought / To blast his Vertues which much sorrow brought
Tune Imprint To a pleasant New Play-house Tune. Or, in Ianuary last, Or, The Gowlin.
Standard Tune Title Young Jemmy
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