EBBA 34081

National Library of Scotland - Crawford
Recording Information
Ballad Title The Forc'd Marriage. / Or, Unfortunate Celia. / When Old Fools do a Wooing go to those / Who are Young-girls, they Court their cruel foes, / The Old man sees he can't prevail with tongue, / But finds that young ones, love to sport with young: / He to the Virgins Parents makes redress, / And doth the number of his Bags express; / Which takes away her Fathers heart by stealth, / He weds her not to him, but to his Wealth. / VVhich being done, she loaths his weak embraces, / And throws herself on Ruinous Disgraces.
Tune Imprint Tune, Since Celia's my Foe.
Standard Tune Title Since Celia's My Foe
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