EBBA 34044

National Library of Scotland - Crawford
Recording Information
Ballad Title The Valiant Virgin; Or, Phillip and Mary; / In a Description of a Young Gentlewoman of Worcestershire (a Rich Gentlemans / Daughter) being in love with a Farmers Son, which her Father despiseing, because / he was poore, caus'd him to be Prest to Sea; And how she Disguised herselfe in / Man's Apparel and followed him; where in the same Ship (she being very expert / in Surgery) was entertain'd as Surgeons Mate, and how loving to him (and skill- / fully to others) she behaved herself in her Office; and he having got a Shot in the / Thigh, how deligent she was to dress him; she never discovering herself to him / untill they came both on Shore: Her Father Dyeing whilst she was at Sea, (He / having no more Children then she) they went into the Countrey to take Posses- / sion of her Estate, and to Marry; To the admiratiou of all that were at the Wedding.
Tune Imprint To the Tune of, When the Stormy Winds do blow.
Standard Tune Title When the Stormy Winds do Blow
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