EBBA 34041

National Library of Scotland - Crawford
Recording Information
Ballad Title A Looking=glass for Maids. / OR, / The Downfal of two most Desperate Lovers. / Henry Hartlove and William Martin, both late living in the Isle of Wight, who for / love of Ann Scarborow a beautiful Virgin, she having made her self sure to one of / them, and afterwards fell off to the other; they challenged the field, where after / a cruel fight, they were both mortally wounded, and found dead on the place by / the forementioned Maiden, who bestowed many tears on their bodies, and buried / them in one grave. / And now she lives in grief and sad distress, / Wishing all lovers true more happiness.
Tune Imprint Tune is, Aim not too high.
Standard Tune Title Fortune my Foe
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