EBBA 33668

National Library of Scotland - Crawford
Recording Information
Ballad Title An Answer / To the forc'd Marriage: / Or, the old mans vindication. / I read a Song a Day or two ago, / Which says that Celia's now grown whorish too, / And makes a fine pretence because she's wed, / To one that's old, she need must wrong his bed: / I of her wantonness having suspition, / Have search'd, and found out the old mans condition; / And now I plainly see she wrongs him much, / She onely had a mind to take a touch; / With some fond foolish youngster, not for need, / For her old man as well can do the deed: / As most men can, and this may satisfie, / That Celia doth her husband much belye.
Tune Imprint The Tune is, Celia's my Foe.
Standard Tune Title Since Celia's My Foe
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