EBBA 33024

National Library of Scotland - Crawford
Recording Information
Ballad Title A Leicester-shire Frolick; Or, The valiant Cook-Maid. / Being a merry composed Jest of Five Taylors that had been at work till their Wages came to 5 / pounds, likewise a merry conceited Cook-maid that lived in the house, went to her Master and / desired him to lend her a horse, and she would venture her skill to take the 5 pound from these / five Taylors, without either Sword or Pistol, in a jesting way, to make her Master some sport / and to show her valour: her Master loving mirth more than sadness, agreed to it: so a Horse / was sadled, and other things to disguise her self, because she might not be known: away she / went (it being in the Evening) and met them before they got home, with nothing in her hand / but a black pudding, the faint-hearted Taylors delivered her their money very quietly, for fear / they should a been shot through with a Black pudding, and what followed after is expressed in / this following Ditty.
Tune Imprint Tune is, Ragged and torn.
Standard Tune Title Old Simon the King
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