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British Library - Roxburghe
The second Part,
Date Published 1672-1696 ?
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Imprint Printed for P. Brooksby, at the Golden Ball, near the / Hospital-gate; in West-smith-field.
Collection British Library - Roxburghe
Page 3.29
Location British Library
Shelfmark C.20.f.9.29
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  Part 1
Title The second Part,
Tune Imprint to the same Tune:
First Lines BY Letters from Rome, from France, and from Spain, / He suck'd in the Treason, and vents it again;
Refrain In mercy preserved us, therefore we may say, / In vain is their mallice, if he but say nay. [with variation]
Notes Printed on same sheet with EBBA 30386, entitled "The Plotter Executed: / OR, / The Examination, Tryal, Condem= / nation, and Execution, of Edward Coleman Esquire. / Who was Convicted of High Treason, the 27th. day of November, at the King-Bench-Barr at VVest- / minster, for Plotting against the Life of his most Sacred Majesty, and for Endeavouring to subvert / the Government, and the true Protestant Religion Establisht: he received Sentence the 28th. day / of November 1678. to be Drawn Hang'd, and Quartered, and was Executed by Tyburn the 3d. of / December: With his Last Speech and Confession, made by him at the place of Execution."