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Ballad Title The Triumphs of four Nations; / OR, / A happy Conclusion of Peace, / Betwixt England, France, Denmark, and Holland. / As it was confirm'd on Sunday night July the 21. at Breda; where, after four hours Conference in / the Castle, the Plenipotentiaries about nine in the evening signed the Articles of Peace; which / Don Mounsieur Fleming, the Sweedish Mediatour, in a short Speech Congratulated the happy issue / of so great a work; After which, the Plenipotentiaries saluting and complementing each other, the / Conference ended: As they came out of the Castle, the Canons were thrice discharged round the / Town, the Musqueteers giving their vollies from the Works, and the Horse drawn up upon the Plain, saluting them with their Trumpets, the whole Town quitting their Houses to expresse / their Joy to them as they passed by; This Joyful News was brought on Friday last July 26. from / Breda, by the Right Worshipful Sir John Coventry, to the King, bringing with him the Articles / of Peace, as they were Signed there by the Plenipotentiaries.
Tune Imprint Tune is, Packingtons Pound.
Standard Tune Title Packington's Pound
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