EBBA 31986

University of Glasgow Library - Euing
Recording Information
Ballad Title A WARNING / For all such as desire to Sleep upon the GRASS: / By the Example of Mary Dudson Maid-servant to Mr. Phillips a Gardener, dwel- / ling in Kent street, in the Borough of Southwark: Being a most strange, but true Relation how she was found in a Dead-sleep in the Garden, that no ordinary Noise / could awake her; As also how an Adder entered into her body, the manner of her long / Sickness, with a brief Discovery of the Cause at length by her strange and most miracu- / lous Vomiting up of about fourteen yong Adders, and one old Adder, on August 14. 1664. / about fourteen Inches in length, the Maid is yet living. The like to this hath not been / known in this Age.
Tune Imprint The Tune is , In Summer Time.
Standard Tune Title In Summer Time
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