EBBA 31881

University of Glasgow Library - Euing
Recording Information
Ballad Title A Loyal Subjects Admonition, or, a true Song of / Brittains Civil Wars. / Some with blind zeal, Religion did professe, / Murder'd their lawful King, oh wickednesse / Scripture nor Chronicle they could not bring, / To shew what subjects ever judged their King. / King Charls beheaded was wee understand, / Proud Rebels they did live upon his Land, But now these Rebels are disperst and gone, / Few honest men I think for them make moan. / If any man be angry at this Song, / What e're he thinks hee'd best to hold his tongue.
Tune Imprint To the Tune of General Moncks right march, that was sounded before him from / Scotland to London, or the Highlanders march.
Standard Tune Title Highlanders' March, The
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