EBBA ID: 31227

British Library - Roxburghe 3.520-521

This tab presents the woodblock impressions that apper on this ballad sheet. Each impression is displayed along with its cataloging metadata. Additionally, specially developed computer vision software that defines a feature space for each impression and then applies a fast and scalable Markov Clustering Algorithm has been implemented to generate a cluster of likely matching impressions in the archive. A preview of the other impressions in each impression's cluster is displayed below each image. If there are more than eight similar impressions, click the 'view all similar images' button.


Impression File Name: 31227-10.jpg

Genre: narrative

deerF) Animals
dogF) Animals
horseF) Animals
castleH) Architecture
door / doorwayH) Architecture
windowH) Architecture
huntE) Events / Activities
boyB) Figures
girlB) Figures
manB) Figures
womanB) Figures
water, inlandG) Natural Things
treeG) Natural Things
number of figures - 5 or moreB) Figures
1625-1660, Caroline / InterregnumC) Fashion
murder / suicideE) Events / Activities
outdoorA) Geography