EBBA 31129

British Library - Roxburghe

This tab presents the woodblock impressions that are included within the ballad sheet. These images are an often overlooked but nonetheless defining feature of Early Modern English Ballads. This page makes these impressions accessible as well as provides the user the ability to find similar images as found by archive-vision. Archive-vision is a cutting edge image based recognition software that was developed by Arthur Koehl and Carl Stahmer at the Digital Scholarship Lab in the Library at the University of California Davis. With Archive-vision, a network of all the ballad impressions was created.

In addition, a fast and scalable graph clustering algorithm, Markov Clustering Algorithm has been implemented on that network. A preview of the impressions in the cluster is displayed below each image. If there are more than eight similar images click the 'view all similar images' button.


Impression File Name: 31129-10.jpg

Genre: narrative

gallows / scaffoldJ) Tools / Instruments
bird, unspecifiedF) Animals
houseH) Architecture
door / doorwayH) Architecture
windowH) Architecture
executionE) Events / Activities
corpseB) Figures
figure, gender unspecifiedB) Figures
manB) Figures
womanB) Figures
cloudG) Natural Things
bush / hedgeG) Natural Things
hillG) Natural Things
number of figures - 3B) Figures
handkerchiefC) Fashion
1660-1680, RestorationC) Fashion
outdoorA) Geography
chimneyH) Architecture