EBBA 30878

British Library - Roxburghe
Recording Information
Ballad Title A Match at a Venture: OR,, / Time and Opportunity won the day. / Being, A Discourse of wooing between Two Lovers. / The Young-man Courted her with Complements most rare, / And all his mind to her he boldly did declare; / She still held off, and was so stiff inclin'd, / And would not quickly let him know her mind: / Until that Cupid with his Golden Dart / Had made a wound, and pierc'd her tender heart: / And then she yielded his true Love to be, / They now are Married, and live most gallantly.
Tune Imprint Tune of, Jenny come tye my bonny Cravat.
Standard Tune Title Jenny, Come Tie My Cravat
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