EBBA 30806

British Library - Roxburghe
Recording Information
Ballad Title The Northern Ladd: / OR, The Fair Maids Choice, / Who Refus'd all for a Plowman, counting her self therein most Happy. / A Country Lass who many suitors had, / Some good, some mean, the worst of them not bad; / A Weaver, Taylor, Shoo-maker, first came, / With many more of ample note and fame: / A Barber, Baker, Miller, and the like, / Yet unto none of those her Sails she'd strike: / But in a Rustick she is only pleas'd, A Plowman only has her fancy eas'd.
Tune Imprint To the Tune of, There was a Lass in Cumberland, &c.
Standard Tune Title Lass of Cumberland, The
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