EBBA 30655

British Library - Roxburghe
Recording Information
Ballad Title The Prodigal Son Converted, / OR / The Young-man return'd from his Rambles. / Wit ne're till now, was cry'd about the street, / At the low rate o a poor Penny sheet; / Sharp times will make sharp wits, not fear sharp tongues, / 'Tis we who money want which suffer wrongs; / You can't command a Poet with a frown / To write new Songs: but yours, for a Crown: / Here's that will please you sure, and much befreind ye. / You'll thank the Author, if the Devil be n't in ye.
Tune Imprint To a pleasant New Play-house Tune call'd The Delights of the Bottle, &c.
Standard Tune Title Delights of the Bottle, The
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