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British Library - Roxburghe
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Faithful Inflamed Lover:OR,
The true Admirer of Beauty.
Being an Account of a Worthy Squire that Married a Farmers Daughter.
This Beauteous Maid his heart betrayd,
he lovd her not for Store;
He sought not one for Wealth alone,
he had enough before.
To the Tune of, Over Hills and high Mountains.

NOw my dearest sweet Jewel,
I am come for to prove
Whether you can be cruel,
or obedient to love:I acquaint you this hour
with the pains I endure,
Love, it lies in thy power,
for to Kill or to Cure.

Ever sleeping and waking,
still my thoughts is on thee,
But it proves my hearts-breaking,
when I perfectly see,

That you give a denyal,
though my love it is true,
Yet I vow to be Loyal,
I can love none but you.

In my slumber I fancy
that I have in my Arms,
My most beautiful Nancy,
this my senses allarms:
Love, I then am contented,
with a meer Golden Dream,
But I wake more tormented,
in a far worse extream.

O that I might enjoy thee;
of a blessing I share,
There is none shall annoy thee,
I will tender my Dear;
In my arms thee ile nourish,
where I will thee infold,
And in Silks thou shalt flourish,
love, Imbroiderd with Gold.

I will Crown thee with pleasure,
now my amorous Girl,
And endue thee with Treasure,
to adorn thee with Pearl;
Being wounded with Beauty,
now my Dear I adore,
Love, it is but my Duty,
were it twenty times more.

The Maidens Reply.
PRay attend to the Sequel;
and be ruled by me,
There is many more equal
to your birth and degree:It is not my desire,
as I freely relate,
In the least to aspire,
or strive to be Great.

Though you me do admire,
when you call me your dear,
Should I grant your desire,
I have reason to fear;

Being lowly descended,
your Relations will frown,
While they are thus offended,
I shall then be run down.

For your proffer I care not,
then I pray Sir be mute,
Nay, to venture I dare not,
tis a dangerous suit:
Many covetous Parents,
as tis known to be true,
They have set them at variance,
and divided them too.

The Man.
Tis a tryal to Patience,
while you are so severe,
Tell me not of Relations,
I adore thee my dear;
Then a promise ile make thee,
so that thou shalt be sure,
I will never forsake thee,
now while life doth endure.

When she found he was Loyal,
then the Damsel did yield,
Making no more denyal,
thus he conquerd the field;
Then they both were united,
in true love to dwell;
And the Parents invited.
so the matter went well.

This may printed. R.P.
Printed for J. Deacon, at the Angel in Guilt-Spur-Street; without Newgate.

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