EBBA 30343

British Library - Roxburghe
The Marryed Mans Lesson: / OR, / A disswasion from Iealousie.
Date Published 1634-1658 ?
Author Martin Parker
Standard Tune
Imprint Printed at LONDON for Iohn Wright, the / younger, dwelling at the Signe of the Sunne, / at the lower end of Snow-hill, neere un- / to Holborne Conduit.
Collection British Library - Roxburghe
Pages 1.510, 1.511
Location British Library
Shelfmark C.20.f.7.510-511
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 Part 1Part 2
TitleThe Marryed Mans Lesson: / OR, / A disswasion from Iealousie.The second part.
Tune ImprintTo the tune of, All you that will wooe a wench.To the same tune.
First LinesYOu men who are marri'd come hearken to mee, / I'le teach you a Lesson is wise you will bee,A Wife that is vertuous in every respect, / who doth her vow'd duety at no time neglect,
RefrainO Be not thou jealous I prethee deere Lad, / for jelousie makes many good women bad. [with variation]But be not thou jealous I pray thee deare Lad, / for jealousie makes many good women bad. [with variation]