EBBA 30289

British Library - Roxburghe
Recording Information
Ballad Title A true Relation of one Susan Higges, dwelling in Risborrow a / Towne in Buckinghamshire, and how shee lived 20. yeeres, by robbing / on the High-wayes, yet unsuspected of all that knew her; till at last, / comming to Messeldon, there robbing a woman; which woman knew / her and called her by her name: now when she saw she was betrayed, she / killed her, and standing by her while she gave three groanes, she spat three drops of blood / in her face, which never could be washt out; by which shee was knowne and executed / for the aforesaid murder at the Assises in Lent at Brickhill.
Tune Imprint To the tune of, The worthy London Prentice.
Standard Tune Title Lusty Gallant
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